About Us

We are a church of service. Though comfortable in our traditional worship we are enthusiastically committed to outreach in our community. Our handicap access facility hosts art classes; diabetes education and community watch meetings.

Dedicated members prepare, transport, and serve a weekly soup kitchen meal for over 100. We also provide meals to the homeless shelters in Cleveland County. We acquire donated food from retail stores and the Second Harvest Food Bank.

Children at a neighborhood elementary school receive much needed backpacks of food to take home with them every weekend. Their teachers and staff are also remembered with appreciation gifts as well. A family is adopted at Christmas so that we may share in the good fortunes that God has granted us.

The John Knox congregation communicates via Facebook, email, phone, session member/shepherds and mail. We invite ‘Comfortable Dress’ during the summer months and every worship service is available on CD in the church office at no charge.

We are a small church, with a very large heart.

Praising – Praising God for sacrificing His son for each of us.
Growing – Growing together in faith by studying the scriptures.
Serving – Serving our community in faithful service as a loving witness for compassionate outreach.

» Sherrie Rich, Clerk of Session/Worship
» Craig Morehead, Operations
» Florence Brooks, Outreach/Nurture
» Lin Robinson, Stewardship/Treasurer